Board of Commissioners
Jeff Heyen

Vice President:
Shane Grammer

Renee Wynn

Sherry Bergschneider

Rusty Chambers 


Brian Kulick

Bob Corrado

Litchfield Park District History

Park District

Executive Director

Steve Bryant

The Litchfield Park District was established to help fulfill the dreams of the city fathers in providing more adequate park and swimming facilities.  With the help of many of the town's citizens, the mission of the park district has become successful.  Over the years, the park district has significantly enhanced the historical Walton Park and its lake and has grown to include four more pars for the community to enjoy.  Parks include Davis Park, which also consists of the Community Center and the Memorial Pool, Schalk Field that includes a skate park, Echlin Park with Corwin Field, and Plummer Park and Field.  These parks offer the public a variety of activities for all age groups.